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Hammock IT Services

Hammock IT Services specializes in supporting users of low-end S/390 and System Z environments, both traditional hardware based and emulation based systems. We are familiar with all operating systems and are the only organization with significant experience in all emulation based technologies:

  • IBM P/390
  • Fundamental Software FLEX-ES
  • Open Source Hercules
  • IBM zPDT


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How can we help you?

Here are some examples of what we can do for you
  • Providing an independent evaluation of proposals for new hardware or software platforms
  • Assisting with planning and implementing migrations from one system to another, especially when emulation based systems are involved
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating POC projects to consider new technologies such as Linux on System Z
  • Is your normal system programmer overloaded or going on vacation? If so, we can provide short term assistance to fill in the gaps.

Contact us:
phone (404) 643 3258