Club Med

Turkoise, Turks & Caicos Islands

October, 2012

A very short report

We made our (almost) annual visit to the Turkoise Club Med in october, 2012. However, this trip was very much like the last several visits, that is to say, a lot of fun and meeting both old and new friends. So, rather than go through all the details again, I am just going to direct you to the report from last year and include a few pictures from this year. Just apply most of the commentary to these new photos and such and you will have the new trip report.

So, if you want to read a full trip report, go here:

If you just want to see a few new pictures, continue here.

We just arrived and Susan and another GM are already in the mood!

The beach was just a beautiful as ever, with a good supply of sailboats.

The weather was a little stormy, but the pool was pretty and typically the center of activity.

As usual, we made a couple of snorkel trips on Miss Turkoise.

In the "New Friends" catagory, we met a fun couple, Erin and Jerome.

Old friends and new friends around the dinner table our last night.

The end of a very short report