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Before engaging any consultant or services provider you want to make sure they have the right background to be able to provide the services you require. On this page we will describe our background and accomplishments broken down into two sections:
  • Long term background to give an idea of where we have come from
  • More recent assignments and accomplishments that have a more direct bearing on current technology and capabilities
Long term history
  • 28 years working for IBM, including assignments as:
    • Applications and Systems programmer (multiple assignments of each)
    • Capacity/performance analyst
    • Department Manager (System Support Dept.)
    • Interface to Colleges/Universities doing research and development for IBM
    • Technical support, VM Specialist, in the Atlanta Area Systems Center providing education and support to IBM SEs and customers
    • Team leader of the P/390 Competency Center, bringing the P/390 product to market and providing support to end users, Business Partners, and other IBM organizations
  • Education and training
    • BSBA (Management) Univ. of Fla. and additional post-graduate work
    • Attended IBM's System Research Institute (class 57) in New York City
    • Multiple management schools and personal and technical development classes
    • Developed and gave classes as part of responsibilities at the Area System Center and P/390 Competencey Center
  • Non-Technical capabilities
    • Extensive experience giving presentations to groups such as WAVV, SHARE, IBM Conferences
    • Significant technical writing experience, including white papers, IBM Redbooks, product support publications, user guides, etc.
  • Technical Abilities
    • Extensive experience with VM since VM/370 Rel 3 including planning, installation, maintenance, performance measurement and tuning and running multiple guest virtual machines.
    • Knowledgeable user of zOS: can help system programmers set up and maintain zOS and subsystems
    • Experienced with Linux on both Intel and System z, including installation, cloning, maintenance and application support.
    • Experience in writing software in multiple languages: REXX, Assembler, C, PL/1, FORTRAN, COBOL
Recent Accomplishments
  • System Z Emulation based system activities
    • Have spent the last 8 years as a leader in the FLEX-ES technology environment, working for Intelliware then Cornerstone Systems and Mainline Information Systems
    • Technical leader defining the how systems are to be build, installed, and supported.
    • Very close working relationship with Fundamental Software and IBM
    • Multiple presentations to industry groups, white papers, and technical papers
    • Recognized as a leader in FLEX-ES technology by FSI, IBM, coworkers, and customers
    • Close working relationship with IBM and the zPDT internal tool
    • Installed and tested Hercules with guests on multiple systems for production (Linux) and backup uses (zOS)
  • IBM System Z Activities
    • Sized and configured z9 and z10 processors and disk subsystems for CSI and MSI customers
    • Provided pre-installation support for customers installing these systems
    • Planned, coordinated, and implemented the installation of z9 and z10 systems
    • Provided ongoing customer training and support

Contact me via mike@hammocktree.us