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Hammock IT Services is a small company that specializes in working on small mainframes, but we can make a big difference for you and your staff.

Below are some examples of how we can help small System z users. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the opportunities with you in more detail.

  • Short term System Programmer assistance

    Are you going through a migration or major system changes? if so, your system programmers are probably falling behind on their normal work or are working too many long hours. We can come in and take some of the pressure off your staff and let them concentrate on the important work at hand.

  • Emulation Systems Migration

    Migrating to or from one of the System Z emulation based systems involves some unique challenges but also offers some potential advantages, if you understand the environment. We are uniquely positioned to to assist in such migrations because we have experience in all the current emulation technologies: IBM P/390, Fundamental Software's FLEX-ES, open source Hercules and even IBM's currently "Internal use Only" zPDT development tool. If you are planning or even considering a move to or from one of these platforms, we can probably offer you some time and money saving options.

  • Proposal Analysis

    Do you need to upgrade/modernize your System Z environment but are totally confused by the terms and offerings of the IBM Business Partners you are dealing with? We've been on the Business Partner side of the game and can help you understand their proposals and get the best deal. We can analyze the proposals and explain just what it does, and does not, mean to you and your business. We can probably suggest some money saving alternatives and enhance your ability to get the best deal possible.

  • Architectural Analysis

    The good news is that businesses have a variety of IT options to choose from to satisfy their computing needs. The bad news is that all these options can be confusing and too many vendors have a vested interest in pushing a specific solution to a problem. We can help you evaluate your options, be it to get off the mainframe entirely, upgrade your systems to a more capable level, or possibly implement a Linux on mainframe based solution. We can help you evaluate your current environment and needs and lay out an effective stragety to achieve your IT goals.

  • Proof of Concept assistance

    Re-hosting applications onto Linux on System Z is a popular stragety and can be effective for many businesses but not all. Most IT shops like to start with a "Proof of Concept" to see if this is the right alternative for them and to gain some knowledge and experience with zLinux. But most shops do not have the needed experience in-house and don't want to go out and hire full time people until the long term need is proven. We can help fill in this gap. We have knowledge of Linux on System z and the zVM environment to give your PoC a jump-start. We can also help train your staff while also helping them keep your current systems running normally.

  • Fill-in Sypport Programmer

    Do you only have one or two system programmers and worry whenever they want to take a vacation or other time off? Usually nothing bad happens while they are out, but what if there is an emergency and your sysprogs are unavailable. We can probably help. We'll stand by and be available if needed. If you don't need our assistance, the cost is minimal. If you do need to call on us, the benefits can be huge.

Contact me via mike@hammocktree.us