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This page has a collection of various kinds of reference information, about numerous topics. IBM Redbooks, White Papers, Presentations, whatever I can find that may be of use to you.
IBM Redbooks


  • zFrame: Exploiting FLEX-ES for Small Mainframe Users. A esentation given at the 2006 IBM zSeries Expo conference. It provides a look at the zFrame and FLEX-ES technology and capabilities. It also covers more recent features such as 64 bit support, faketape comptession and encryption, zCenter (FLEX-CUB) and zFault (transparent remote tape vaulting).

White Papers, Articles

  • zFrame Overview/Whitepaper. For a more in-depth look at just what zFrames and FLEX-ES really are, here is a 19 page document that provides a lot of good information without getting too deep in technical details.

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