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Although there are no traditional IBM manuals for zPDT Users, there are several other sources, including some excellent IBM Redbooks for Technical Information. Here we provide some pointers and links to what is currenly available.
  • General Information:

    One caution regarding the following references: some details concerning how the zPDT (IBM z1090) can be obtained have already changed. IBM will not sell or otherwise distribute the zPDT code or z1090 USB hardware key. ITC will be the only source for these products in the USA.

    For gneral information about the zPDT program as IBM presents it to it's PWD members, see the IBM System z personal Development Tool FAQ for Independent Software Vendors

    For a quick view of the uPDT from ITC, check the ITC zPDT Technology Solution flyer.

    For a technical comparison of the features and capabilities of the uPDT models, see the uPDT Feature Comparison

  • Technical References:

    Probably the best technical information about the zPDT is provided by the three IBM Redbooks:

    The starting point is SG24-7721 System z Personal development Tool Volume 1: Inroduction and Reference.

    The next level of detail is in SG24-7722 System z Personal development Tool Volume 2: Installation and Basic Use

    For more advanced topics and configuraitons, refer to SG24-7723 System z Personal development Tool Volume 3: Additional Topics

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