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Palm trees on a white sand beach and wine grapes, what more could you want?  Read on for more.


Since my retirement in 2019, I have finally removed the “business” part of this web site and “promoted” the fun part.  You can now reach all the interesting parts of this site from here.


Most people will primarily be interested in the trip reports where I describe our travels, usually with lots of photos.


Some people may be interested in our general activities and hobbies.


If you are interested in cars and driving, check out the High Performance Driving page.


If you like wine (and who doesn’t?), you might enjoy our wine trips


Although we don’t have any now, you may be interested in our past rotten cats.


Or, in a more convenient tabular format:

Trip Reports

Activities and Hobbies

High Performance Driving

Wine oriented trips

Our Rotten Cats